Dis-connection: (written earlier – this is oddly backwards from a typical blog post as it is counter-chronological) Just because I’ve broken out in hives due to the lack of internet access all day does not mean I can’t live without it. Really. Just because I walked around Penn Station with my PowerBook open looking for a wi-fi signal means nothing. Really. I mean it.

One thought on “Dis-connection

  1. Vanilla and chocolate: I just spent glorious 6 days in the UP of Michigan without even dialup and, upon returning home, didn’t even turn on the computer there. I could have fed the multitudes with all the spamR waiting for me the next day, and most of the rest of the messages I wanted to read were so much baloney. The best thing about fast access (with wi-fi) is you can be on and off fast from a comfortable chair

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