“Magazine” wasn’t a magazine then, and it’s not now “Magazine” wasn’t a magazine then, and it’s not now: has announced they are discontinuing the print version of “their magazine”. Well, as I said (what you’re about to witness is one of the benefits of having a blog – and the fact that links die early deaths) when I first received a copy of the first issue nearly two years ago, Magazine was never a magazine. It was a catalog that packaged a few pages to look like a magazine. It failed because it was neither a good magazine or a good catalog; not because it failed as a magazine. As I noted in my first post, there are examples of retailers successfully publishing REAL magazines that succeed as magazines that enhance brands, engender loyalty and drive sales (A&F Quarterly, for example. Or Bergdorf Goodman).’s magazine never came close to publishing anything close to a customer magazine that works and proved yet again that calling something a magazine does not make it one.