Fun with stats

Fun with stats: In sports journalism, stats are what you fall back on when all else fails. Fortunately, for the fan who doesn’t have the time to devote his or her life to crunching numbers of yards, snaps and throws, there are only one set of statistics that really matter at the end of a game: the final score. It appears this fixation with stats not only applies to the coverage of games, but also to the coverage of the business of sports media, as the writer of this story in Sports Business Journal crunches vast sets of numbers that lead him to conclude that the growth of ESPN, the magazine, doesn’t really hurt Sports Illustrated. (Wait a minute, I said I wasn’t going to do this anymore.) Anyway, you can read the story and slog through a lot of statistical arguments that support his conclusion that ESPN’s growth from zero to 1.7 million subscribers and $170 million in ad revenues is not really “at the expense” of Sports Illustrated. Or, if you want to know how to really understand the math on this, just use your common sense.