NYC pride

NYC pride: My last post linked to an article about a new Florida salt water fishing magazine which features lots of girls in bikinis. Change venues and drop the salt water fishing and you have a new magazine being featured in today’s NY Daily News. I’m especially amused by the quotes in this article implying New Yorkers are sophisticated because they can pick up a copy of this magazine at a Starbucks. These folks need to travel more. Do they not realize how self-parodying they sound when they live in the greatest city in the world with the greatest concentration of cultural and gourmet options in the history of mankind and their pride is wrapped up in their ability to go to a Seattle-based chain restaurant that gives out free porn? (via Romenesko)

One thought on “NYC pride

  1. From the pic that ran with the story and the, um, thrust of the magazine’s editorial mission, the guy’s last name might well be McCoppin too.

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