Mastermind (anti-) viral marketing update

Mastermind (anti-) viral marketing update: In one of the most creative viral marketing ideas I’ve ever heard of, I’ve been asked to remove any previous mentions of specific details I may have come across from a source I will not reveal regarding the upcoming launch of Mastermind Magazine. I think this is a brilliant strategy. I now know why they call it Mastermind, because unless they were masterminds, how else could they have dreamed up a strategy of asking a weblog that follows the magazine industry not to publicize them? Only masterminds would know this stealth approach would arouse our curiousity and thus make us want to visit the Mastermind Magazine website. While you are there, don’t download the PDF on the front page of their site as it is a contest entry form with some contact information that could really blow their anti-viral marketing campaign. I’m sorry. That’s all I can say right now.