Judge on drugs

Judge on drugs: In my lifetime, I can’t recall legislation being introduced and passed so quickly as that which, in an attempt to address a judges decision that the FTC did not have the authority to implement it, both the Senate and House voted overwhelmingly to grant the FTC the ability to implement the “do-not-call” list. And then, late yesterday, U.S. District Judge Edward Nottingham in Denver stepped into the fray, giving telemarketers a critical legal victory when he blocked implementation of the list because it exempts non-profits from the do-not-call lists: an “equal protection” issue (for profits can’t call, non-profits can). I think this is back-asswards. This is not an issue of freedom of speech; it’s an issue of freedom of not-wanting-to-listen. (Or better said, as someone suggested after seeing this post: freedom of not being spoken to.)