Vote for Tookie’s lillies

Vote #4

Vote for Tookie’s lillies: My mother-in-law’s close friend, Tookie (all her friends have names like that), is a finalist in the national competition to determine which lily paintings will appear on next year’s Easter Seals. My mother-in-law asked me to vote for Tookie’s painting, and I always do what she asks. And then I started thinking, hey, what would happen if everyone who visited the rexblog voted for Tookie? Heck, we could generate something like 3 or 4 more votes. And then if we were all to e-mail some friends and ask them to do the same, we could generate a couple dozen votes for her. It could be like a chain letter for Tookie. (I understand if you vote for her lily and then ask 11 people to do the same then something really good will happen within 24 hours. Mort in Toledo won the lottery just 6 hours after voting for Tookie’s lillies. But Betsy in Baltimore didn’t vote or forward the e-mail and she choked on a soft-shelled crab. )

So please vote and forward this note: Dear friend, vote for Tookie’s lily’s (#4) in the Easter Seal Art competition! You can vote at . I understand if you vote for her lily, you may win the lottery. But if you don’t, you could choke on a soft-shelled crab.