Titans stats

Stat of the week: 3-1

Titans stats: Regular rexblog visitors know I consistently complain about statistical-based stories written by reporters who display they know little about stats, even less about how to apply them to meaningful analysis. Today’s Titans vs. Steelers game is a perfect example of how statistics often do not reveal the true story. One would be hard-pressed to pick the winner of the game based on the team and player statistics recorded; indeed nearly every stat would point to a Steeler blow-out. Yet the final score, a victory by the Titans, 30-13, wasn’t even close.

But since statistics seem so important in the coverage of sports, I’ll join in by quoting a few from the AP story recapping the game:

McNair is 10-3 against the Steelers, throwing 19 touchdown passes and only four interceptions. Coach Jeff Fisher is 11-6 against them — easily the best record of any opposing AFC coach against the Steelers’ Bill Cowher. The Titans also have won four of five in Pittsburgh.