Boffo PR

Boffo PR: Hey, it’s the oldest PR trick in the book, but AARP the magazine is going to score big with this “research” finding it is releasing today. Revealing that older women are dating younger guys does two things: 1. It generates press, and 2. It helps the magazine “reposition” the perception of its reader in the minds of 23-year-old media planners. Now those media planners are thinking, “Yuck! That’s my mother they’re talking about.”

2 thoughts on “Boffo PR

  1. A very young former colleague of ours responded, upon learning from your truly that AARP magazine’s classified ad section was rather heavily packed with products promising to put a little zing into its members’ romantic lives, exclaimed “My grandmother reads that! EEWWWWWWW!”

  2. I won’t ask who, but my guess would be the former 19-year-oldish colleague who complained to me about how old and lazy her dad was before I informed her that he was younger than me.

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