Xtreme-niche magazine publishing

Xtreme-niche magazine publishing: If you’ve be wondering what Marty Wombacher is up to these days, I can now shed some light on that subject. For those of you who have never heard of him (ok, I’ll admit it, I fall into that category), Marty Wombacher used to publish the magazine “Fishwrap” whenever he could save up enough money to put out an issue. It was back in the days when self-published magazines were called “zines.” Well, Marty e-mailed the rexblog yesterday to let all three rexblog readers know that he quit doing Fishwrap because he grew tired of the ridicule it received from the mainstream world of magazines and to let us know that he’s decided to head into a new magazine niche direction — and one, frankly, I feel sure in which he’ll succeed and dominate the category.

In his e-mail to me, he explained his new concept is to “write and publish a magazine marketed strictly for (himself).” And so, he’s about to launch his new magazine called Marty’s Magazine . Like Fishwrap, the new Marty’s Magazine (URL to come when there’s a website) will be “filled with absurdist humor and parodies of other magazine columns and features.” Marty even granted the rexblog the special opportunity to post an example of the kind of Marty’s Magazine feature that is not available anywhere else on the Internet. That is, until the launch of the Marty’s Magazine’s website.

I would like to add that as soon as the rexblog receives a copy of Marty’s Magazine (even though I am not Marty, he has graciously offered to share a copy with me), I am going to start a campaign to encourage its inclusion in the next Guide to New Magazines edited by my friend and hero, Samir Husni. I mean, just because a magazine is published for one person doesn’t mean it’s not a magazine, huh? Can I hear some A-mens?

I’ve posted Marty’s piece inside the rexblog (find link below). It is his satirical take on what went on during the final conversation between Bonnie Fuller and Jann Wenner. The rexblog would like to extend Marty the best of wishes on the launch of Marty’s Magazine. Of all the magazine launches I’ve heard of this year, he has, without a doubt, the clearest understanding of his potential reader. I know he’ll do great job of satisfying that niche audience.

A word of caution to rexblog regulars, however. Marty’s piece contains a few words not typically found in the rexblog, or, at least not spelled correctly. If you don’t want to read the “F” word or other similar words that begin with several letters of the alphabet, do not proceed. If you can accept the rexblog’s commitment to Marty’s freedom to express himself to himself, then you’ll find it here.