Slowly burning?

Slowly burning? M-10 Report explores the recent launches of a couple of magazines including one I’ve blogged before, American Magazine. As I noted earlier, the first magazine ever published in America was called American Magazine and (if I can recall my American magazine history correctly) it lasted only one issue (the founding vaporzine?). The pundits in the M-10 Report think the publishers have a greased American flag pole to climb to be successful (my lame metaphor, not their’s). Me, I think calling the magazine by the same name as the first magazine in America that failed was not a good karma decision. Also, the publishers seem now to be running from the whole Wal-Mart thing that garnered them so much early publicity (and a friendly warning from the rexblog). I guess they are asking themselves this question. As I’ve noted before, since American Magazine is based in Tennessee (albeit, not in Nashville), the rexblog will forego any objectivity in judging its chances for success and will act as if it’s a foregone conclusion that the magazine will succeed.