Blog to print

Blog to print: Doc Searls predicts “that within a year there will be print journals that start on the Web, harnessing blog energy, putting the blog posting, vetting & editing process to work, and running it through to publication with ink on paper. And that it will be far more inexpensive and efficient than the print pub + website on the side system we have today.”

This is not without precedent: there have been successes and notable failures of web to print extensions. My colleague at Hammock Publishing, Jackie Ross, has written recently on that topic, for example. (Ok, she quotes me.) But I think the “blogging process” that Doc outline — the collaborative, community editorial and vetting process — would be a new and excellent approach for many print publications designed for audiences both inside and outside a firewall.

Another thing such a print publication would display (if done correctly) is how uniquely different the experiences can be when encountering the same words online and in print.

Speaking of the intersection of the print and blog worlds, there is an interesting and thorough package of articles in the current issue of Harvard University’s Nieman Report (available via PDF) regarding weblogs and journalism. (I found it via