I’ve heard of this


I’ve heard of this: Here’s a demo of something that’s been just around the corner for my entire life, a wireless videophone (ala Dick Tracy, except not a watch, but a cell-phone.) The demo is in Japanese with english subtitles. In real life, I guess we’ll all just learn Japanese. The phone is from Japan’s NTT Docomo which owns a big chunk of ATT Wireless. The service is dependent upon the deployment of a new mobile broadband network that will be rolled out to a city near you sometime in the future. I have one piece of advice for Docomo, however. If they want to insure that every parent of a teenager will purchase one of these phones, there’s a feature I believe they should add.

This “in the future” timeframe reminds me of a question my son asked me this morning on the way to church regarding the bluegrass gospel music airing on WSM-AM: “Just exactly when is the sweet bye-and-bye?” Next time, I’ll have a better answer: It’s when we shall meet on that beautiful shore via video cell phones.

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  1. Yes, Lewis. Thanks for the heads-up on that. But isn’t being nauseated all the time a small price to pay for having a cellular videophone? Just don’t try the following line on someone in the future: Hey, I’d like to talk with you on the videophone, but you make me vomit.

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