I’ve heard of this


I’ve heard of this: Here’s a demo of something that’s been just around the corner for my entire life, a wireless videophone (ala Dick Tracy, except not a watch, but a cell-phone.) The demo is in Japanese with english subtitles. In real life, I guess we’ll all just learn Japanese. The phone is from Japan’s NTT Docomo which owns a big chunk of ATT Wireless. The service is dependent upon the deployment of a new mobile broadband network that will be rolled out to a city near you sometime in the future. I have one piece of advice for Docomo, however. If they want to insure that every parent of a teenager will purchase one of these phones, there’s a feature I believe they should add.

This “in the future” timeframe reminds me of a question my son asked me this morning on the way to church regarding the bluegrass gospel music airing on WSM-AM: “Just exactly when is the sweet bye-and-bye?” Next time, I’ll have a better answer: It’s when we shall meet on that beautiful shore via video cell phones.

2 thoughts on “I’ve heard of this

  1. Is this the same network that is going to give us headaches and make us smarter, yet improve our memory and response times?

  2. Yes, Lewis. Thanks for the heads-up on that. But isn’t being nauseated all the time a small price to pay for having a cellular videophone? Just don’t try the following line on someone in the future: Hey, I’d like to talk with you on the videophone, but you make me vomit.

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