Hard & soft

Hard & soft: While it is not without precedent for a newsstand magazine to market “split-run” covers (the same issue with different covers) the current issue of National Geographic marks that magazine’s first such experimentation with a split-run strategy, according to min’s (unfortunately, this is a temporary link but perhaps you can find it via a google cache version later). The two covers were drastically (profoundly?) different: one featuring a story on zebras, the other a report claiming there are 29 million people in the world today living in slavery.

One thought on “Hard & soft

  1. It would be REALLY cool if they sent me the zebras because I bought their kid’s calendar last year at Christmas. [You know, figuring either that a. kids will like the zebras, as mine did or b. parents won’t leave a magazine with a haunting cover lying around] But I bet all subscribers got the zebras.

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