Lessons from rexblog

Lessons from rexblog: As hard as it is to believe, the end of Radar Magazine may be at hand, according to WWD.com. Then again, it may not be that hard to believe if you read the rexblog in April and later in April. And July. And a couple days later in July. Indeed, since first mentioning the launch (before we had coined the term “vaporzine“) of Radar in May, 2002, we’ve used Radar as a means to educate future generations of would-be magazine start ups who google the term “how to start a magazine” and “magazine start up rules” and other such hopeful keywords to follow this rexblog rule: Never confuse hype with success. And never, never, never confuse (see quote, paragraph 5) a feature story by David Carr about your independent magazine with success.