Do cuecats have nine lives? Is “PaperClick” really Cuecat?

(Update: Unfortunately, many of the historic links on this post are dead. Thanks to, here is a link to a snapshot of the now defunct Remember the CueCat? One of the most embarassing technologies of the web era? It was based on the premise that people who see something in print and need […]

rexblog ranking

rexblog ranking: Just like the Atlantic Monthly (see the previous post), I really don’t think rankings are that important but I want to have one anyway as that’s what readers want to read about. So, for your ranking entertainment pleasure, I would like to report that the rexblog was yesterday”s 29th most-read weblog on a […]

AOL huns pillage Boise in PR rampage

AOL huns pillage Boise in PR rampage: The Idaho Statesman reports on AOL’s “Forgive-Us for Being Idiots Fest, 2003″ in Boise. According to local resident Peggy Sawicki, ‚ÄúThis is overkill….Obviously they have too much money.” The rexblog would like to applaud Ms. Sawicki on her insightful punditry. (via Marketingwonk.)