Terminated: I personally don’t want to say anything bad about a certain search company’s advertising program as I’ve heard that if one does, then he or she will be excluded from such program. Therefore, let’s just say “a friend” of mine this afternoon received an e-mail from that company saying that since “my friend” had not responded to their previous two requests to get his or her website in compliance with the ad program’s terms of usage, that his or her ad program account had been “permanently disabled.”

My friend then checked his or her spam filtered e-mail and, sure enough, he (oops, did I leave out “she”) had received two previous warnings for including a sentence in a long-ago web post that had, in a humorous way, encouraged visitors to click on the ad program ad. By a strange coincidence, the rexblog had a very similar post to the one “my friend” had that was in voilation. As you can see, I gladly removed my out-of-compliance sentence. (Note: Please do not let the fact that you no longer see any search engine ad program ads on the bottom of this page cause you to jump to the conclusion that “my friend” and I are the same person, because that would be way too weasely on my part.)

Again, let this in no way be construed as a complaint about Googl* Ads*ns*, I mean, “a search company” as I would never, ever want to personally say anything negative about them, however, my friend says they are a bunch of jackasses.

Later: My friend e-mailed me to say the search company didn’t like the friendly jabs he was making about them. “I didn’t say they are a bunch of jackasses,” he says, “I said they were a bunch of jack-booted Nazis.” I am happy to make this correction.