Concern for the children

Note: This picture is
strictly for inspirational
purposes only.

Concern for the children: Writing for MSNBC, James Diers wonders what language Britney Spears in speaking in when she tells Esquire her magazine covers and photos (like the one gratuitously displayed to the left of these comments) are intended “to inspire people” and not because she is “some kind of sex thing.”


The connection between Britney’s music and this particular newsstand striptease may be indirect, but image is everything, and she’s been a semi-nude megastar long enough to get comfortable with her symbolic sexuality. To repeatedly strip down to your skivvies while denying any sort of sexual self-perception (dismissing amorous onlookers as “pervs” to boot) is sad at best and insulting at worst.

In my opinion, MSNBC chose to run Diers’ story just so they could run the picture of Britney for all the world’s pervs and amorous onlookers. (But, of course, the only reason it is posted on the rexblog is to inspire people.)