Samir soars

Samir soars: Have you been asking yourself, “Hey, why hasn’t the rexblog had any Samir Husni quotes lately?” Well, I’m happy to provide you with one that just pinged me. It’s in a story about magazine brand extensions containing absolutely nothing new for rexblog readers, and I mean nothing. However, on the Samir quote front, he delivers with penache this metaphoric ditty:

“When you can’t grow vertically anymore, you start growing horizontally,” says magazine consultant Samir Husni. “Today, the horizon is the limit. It’s the age of borderless publishing.” Publications must expand geographically but also try to conquer different generations if they want to remain on the market.

While I don’t really understand that whole vertical-horizontal imagry, I still believe the quote is quite sound-bitable. But that’s nothing new. With Mr. Magazine, the horizon’s always the limit.