O give me a home

O home
A coincidence?
Martha sags and
Oprah pounces?

O give me a home: (Wait, I’m going to have to stop there and marvel at that heading. Okay. I can continue.) In the previous post, we were introduced to the concept of the vertical magazine brand extension versus the horizontal brand extension. While we were introduced to it, we didn’t quite understand the whole metaphor enough to fully comprehend the announcement that O, the magazine is launching a shelter book next year called O at Home. Is O at Home a vertical or horizontal extension of O, the magazine? And, if so, what direction extension does that make it of the television show or of Oprah, the branded media celebrity? This is getting confusing to me. I think I will have to e-mail Professor Husni and get a ruling from him.

Now, as to the extension itself. Am I the only one who thinks the timing is rather suspicious on this announcement? I mean in the past 48 hours, we learn that Martha Stewart’s advertising has taken a dive and that she is trying hard not to think about her trial next year and about the possibility of moving from the Hamptons to a federal prison. And then, within 24 hours, while poor Martha is still crying her eyes out to Barbara Walters, we have Oprah Winfrey doing the two-step on her grave with this announcement.

All I know is, the horizon’s the limit for jokes about this news.

4 thoughts on “O give me a home

  1. Well we subscribers to O have known about the home-shelter extension, in whichever dimension, for a couple of weeks or more, since it arrived with our latest issue. So maybe that does make the timing of the announcement suspect? But my guess is that instead, it’s all One Big Coincidence.

  2. That’s interesting, because the press release implies that the first issue will appear next May and have two issues in 2004. Perhaps they consider the one that accompanies your subscription issue a “premiere” and the next one will be the “first” issue. Or maybe, this issue is like a pilot episod of a situation comedy.

  3. And maybe you should put that issue in a plastic bag – especially if it turns out to be the only one there is.

  4. Drats, now I have to sell all my stock.

    Should have known better then to put all my faith in her.

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