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Magazine movie update: According to the NY Time’s David Carr, in the upcoming movie, Shattered Glass, the real star is the New Republic. He thinks it will bring the “small” magazine some publicity and new readers


Instead of a grand battle between justice and oppression, the film is
almost a miniature: set in the fluorescent-lighted cubicles of a
generic white-collar office, it focuses on the prosaic innards of
journalism like fact-checking and copy editing. In this thriller —
based on the story of Stephen Glass — the central character is a fraud,
the only weapon in sight is the editor’s skeptical red pen, and the
main thing at stake is the reputation of The New Republic, a weekly
political magazine with a tiny circulation of 65,000. In fact, the
film’s hero — the editor Charles Lane, who realizes that one of his
star reporters has fabricated dozens of stories — comes to this
conclusion only late in the game, when a competing publication is about
to unmask the writer as a fraud.

Carr doesn’t mention that another movie, Kill Bill, has also brought the magazine some publicity and may have caused it to lose some readers.

Speaking of movies about magazines (which is what David Carr does in
his article), For those new to rexblog, you may want to check out our special feature, Movies & Magazines, that lists movies with magazine-related settings or characters. Please feel free to e-mail me others that you can think of.

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  1. OK I’m behind, but this Gregg Easterbrook blog story is just a mess. Have I just missed this? Are people talking about it? It seems like something they SHOULD be talking about. Goodness.

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