They left out the best part

They left out the best part: The two people who actually read the rexblog (and you know who you are) may recall, last week I blogged a story about ReadyMade Magazine and suggested the founders of the magazine quickly accept the offer they claimed to be sitting on their table. Well, today, the same syndicated article turned up in another newspaper and I discovered something amazing (alarming? misguided?): The previous article had edited out a quote from Professor Samir Husni,
who, according to the article, is “one of the country’s foremost
authorities on magazines.” (There you have it, Samir: a blurb for the
back cover of your next book: “One of the country’s foremost
authorities on magazines” — San Francisco Chronicle.)

Talk about a back-handed-compliment (wait, I wasn’t talking about that),
here’s Mr. Magazine’s “missing quote”advice to the magazine

Samir Husni, a University of Mississippi journalism professor and one of the country’s foremost authorities on magazines, is a fan of ReadyMade’s content, but not its prospects.

“I gave their idea 8 points out of 10, but their business plan 2 out of 10,” Husni said.

“My advice to them is to double the
cover price – which will make their distributor go nuts. This is a
magazine which will easily sell for $7.95.”

I’ll only warn the magazine publisher that Mr. Magazine is not called Mr. Price-elasticity for nothing.