Fun with cover blurbs


Fun with cover blurbs: David Carr reports (actually, you can see for yourself to the left) that Maxim has included parody headlines on the cover of its November issue. Because the cover is actually not visible on the newsstand due to a polybag treatment, the editors decided once more to have a little fun. And they succeeded.


Maxim, the men’s magazine known for come-hither headlines on its cover, takes another tack in its November issue, which promotes “25 Dazzling Kitchens and Baths!,” “Telecom: What’s Next for This Key Sector” and “Savor the Flavor: The Incredible Edible Eggplant.”

In a related development, I just received my exclusive copy of Marty’s Magazine and he’s done sort of the same thing, however, in his case, he just put cover blurbs from Maxim on his cover. Later, I’ll provide more details, or, at least, that which I can provide on a family-friendly blog.