Are we lucky, or what?

Are we lucky or what: According to Advertising Age, the American Socieity of Managing Editors (ASME) is battling product placement in magazine editorial. I wonder where the managing editors at the Magazine of the Year, Lucky, stand on this issue?


Lucky’s editor in chief, Kim France, tartly told Ad Age she knows “not to expect a General Excellence award from ASME.”

Kim, whose last name is a product placement for the French
Tourism Bureau, obviously speaks with an attitude that is sponsored by
Sweet Tarts.

2 thoughts on “Are we lucky, or what?

  1. She doesn’t have to worry…Lucky readers and advertisers both vote her rewards with their $$$.
    LUCKYly, there is room for both Lucky and the Smithsonian and the Atlantic and the New Yorker and myriad other publications in this world.

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