Same facts, different sign

Same facts, different sign: The NY Post’s Keith Kelly says fewer people are attending the MPA convention this year (sorry, temporary link) and concludes this is another sign of weakness looming in the industry. However, let’s just play devil’s advocate here for a moment: What if Kelly is wrong and the real reason that the executives aren’t there is that they’re back home selling ads for the first time in three years and don’t have time for a golf junket. Perhaps, go with me here please, perhaps the last three years have taught them that when the phone rings and you have advertisers actually wanting to meet with you, then, heck, why go hang out with other magazine people? Maybe, just maybe, the last three years of the worst advertising recession in their careers has led these executives to conclude that the time to make hay is when the sun is shinning and the time to play golf is when, well, the sun also is shinning but ads aren’t selling. Just a thought.