Reinstated: My “friend” has been pardoned by a certain search company now that he is in compliance with their advertising program’s terms of service. To be reinstated, he had to remove an offending post from months ago that encouraged visitors to click on ads so that he could earn more money. They’ve let him know that he can now display the ads once more on his weblog. He doesn’t really want to as he has yet to get any payment from the search company as only about 2-3 people a day ever click on one of them. However, he has put the ads back up on his site because he noticed that the search company had quit indexing his site regularly since he removed them. And since that search is the only way he manages to find posts that are more than a day or two old, he has placed the ads back at the bottom of the page. And please, just because I have done the same thing on the bottom on this page, please do not infer that my friend and I have the same blog, although, his is called “rexblog” also.