Magazine buzzword of the day

Magazine buzzword of the day: I can say fairly confidently that in the two-year history of this weblog, this is the first time I’ve used the word “wantedness.” While I’ve blogged the concept of the desire to measure how much a magazine is wanted, this article in Advertising Age is the first time I’ve seen the term.


“Wantedness,” a loosely defined measure of a reader’s connection to magazines, is a concept many publishers cannot discuss without eye-rolling if not outright frothing. Dan Brewster, president-CEO of Gruner & Jahr USA Publishing, called it “the most ill-defined notion I’ve heard in a long time.” Publishers don’t necessarily believe there is a correlation between the price a reader pays for a magazine and their relationship with it. They also complain that other media such as TV are not held to the same standards of proving connections with audiences.

For more on this thing called wantedness, here’s a story on the topic from the July issue of CM magazine by a writer with a great name, Chip Block.