USA Last Year

USA Last Year: If you read the rexblog once a month, or so, you don’t need to read this article in USA Today that ties together ESPN extending its brand into a magazine (when, like ten years ago?) and MTV magazine and the custom magazine, Figure. Oh, the tie in? Magazines aren’t recovering as fast as other media so publishers are looking for new ways to generate revenues. (Which, ironically, none of the examples used are.)

In fact, the article is so sloppy, I had decided to save rexblog readers the time by avoiding it. However, I can’t do that, as there is a quote in it from…no, guess,Okay, that was too easy….Samir Husni (or, if you’re a close friend, Husir).


And the odds of successfully launching a title are about that of a new restaurant: four out of 10 survive, according to Samir Husni, a longtime industry consultant. People keep trying: 700 titles have been launched this year through September, the same as in all of 2002, Husni says. “New magazines are sprouting all over the place. But 60% will die their first year,” he warns.

How can the man keep it up? Three quotes in one week and three absolutely new metaphors. He’s brilliant, that’s all there is to it.