Custom publishing update – Relax, the McMagazine

Custom publishing update – Relax, the McMagazine: According to a press release the company issued this morning, McDonald’s is launching its new customer magazine in November. (rexblog flashback: July 30, 2003)

Here is the release:

Great Added Value for Moms On-The-Go

For the first time ever, McDonald’s will offer a mini magazine titled Relax with excerpts of fashion, parenting and other relevant articles. Offering an unexpected treat for parents, Relax is free with purchase of a McDonald’s Happy Meal during the month of November 2003 while supplies last and will be tipped onto the Brother Bear Happy Meal bag. The 40-page digest- sized publication provides helpful tips, quick solutions and advice busy moms will appreciate. Created in cooperation with Time Inc. Custom Publishing, Relax features abridged articles from such respected publications as Parenting, InStyle and People magazines. Relax will give stressed out, time starved parents entertaining, informative and engaging articles for all areas of their lives — from parenting to health to beauty.

I don’t know about you, but “great added value” is what I always look for in a magazine. Also, I’m curious to see how short an article is after it is abridged from People.

Let me add that I think this is a tremendous idea and that I strongly believe all fast service restaurants in America (indeed, all restaurant chains of any speed service) should publish a custom magazine.

3 thoughts on “Custom publishing update – Relax, the McMagazine

  1. It’s been a while since you’ve taken several small children to eat-in at McDonald’s hasn’t it? (I confess, as a non-parent, it’s been even longer for me, but not having anything to read while there, I spend my time observing.) The mom – or dad – is in constant motion, wiping up spills on tables and T-shirts, holding sippy cups up to ears – which suddenly are where mouths were a moment before – adjudicating disputes over stolen fries or toys…. They’re lucky if the burger and fries are even slightly warm by the time they finish them. Relax will probably be read at home – or litter the floor of the mini-van or SUV.

    That said, I think the concept of custom-magazine for restaurants is a terrific idea, especially for the many people who eat alone (or for couples who have been married for oh, say, 28 years). Most McDs I’ve been to in the past few years have copies of the local paper(s) and sometimes USA Today, and those are well-used throughout the day. Really well-crafted pubs would be a perk that would encourage me to come back at least once a month.

  2. Shoney’s and Captain Ds used to have monthly comic books. Didn’t make up for the food, however. Oh, wait, did I say that?

  3. Personally, I like restaurants that give you crayons and let you doodle on the table covering.

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