Custom publishing ROI test a big success

Custom publishing ROI test a big success: On September 9th, I made the following post (back then, all the links worked):

Custom publishing ROI test: Ocassionally, I’m asked about return on investment metrics for custom published magazines. Rarely have I had the chance to share real-time, measurable results, but here’s my chance. Editor & Publisher is reporting that the NY Post is spending $3 to produce ten 24-page ad-free magazines on the history of the NY Yankees. The magazine will serve as a circulation-building premium in coming days. The first issue was distributed in Monday’s paper. As newspaper circulation is measured, in theory, we should be able to compare the impact on NY Post sales of one specific variable: the offer of a custom magazine. To be continued…

Well, today the results were released:

The New York Post today reported a major boost in circulation for its daily paper of 10.6 percent, for the six months ended Sept. 30. It was the sixth consecutive six-month period in which daily circulation growth topped 10 percent, continuing The Post’s run of double-digit growth.

And what part did the custom-published magazine play in the success of the newspaper’s circulation push. Well, according to the article in today’s Post, “In the last six months, the New York Post has broadened its brand with new, exciting and innovative content,” said Col Allan, editor-in-chief. “The Yankees Century, our special 10-part glossy magazine series celebrating the team’s 100th anniversary, was a terrific success.”