Introducing the Dejazine

Introducing the Dejazine: I guess it’s time for me to coin a new rexblog term: Dejazine. As rexblog regulars (all three of you) know, several months ago I created my first term, the runaway hit that no one else uses, vaporzine:

Vaporzine: /vay’-per-zeen/ n. An idea for a magazine announced far in advance of its actual launch (which may or may not actually take place). [origin: rexblog adaptation from the ancient geek word vaporware.]

Dejazine (as defined by the rexblog) is a defunct print magazine that is resurrected as a website and vaporzine. Here are some examples of Dejazines: The Standard and The Red Herring and Creem Magazine.

While I’m at it, I’ll go ahead and coin some more words:

Zombiezine: a magazine that already dead but is still being published.
Resumezine: a magazine published by a high school student to look good on a college application.
Slackerzine: a magazine, typically about a local rock music scene, published by someone who really hates their day job or was recently fired from it.

(I can’t recall how, but this started via an item on

One thought on “Introducing the Dejazine

  1. I got some more:

    Offwalzine – titles that Wal-Mart decides to exclude for whatever reason (e.g., cover story on its illegal immigrant cleaning crews)

    Laterzine – titles that look so good lying around your house that you mean to read later (National Geographic used to be one of these, but has been replaced by tonier books like Saveur)

    Careozine – magazines published by various charities, such as Heifer International, that you leave lying around to prove you care…

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