Links are not answers

Links are not answers: I am a big fan of the incredible weblog maintained by Gary Price called ResourceShelf. (The site is blogrolled in my magazine resources list on the left column of every page of the rexblog.) Price is trained as a librarian who has become a consultant and someone who, for a layman like me, is one of the definitive sources of information about and understanding of online search and information discovery. Now, in addition to the ResourceShelf, he is penning a column for the Magazine, Info Today. The first column, “What Google Teaches Us that Has Nothing to do with Searching,” is written for librarians, but is an excellent exploration of why, in his words, “links are not the same as answers.” (Side note: Price’s weblog is an excellent model for those who would like to experiment with a business weblog. Indeed, because he is a professional researcher and his blog’s topic is “search” and research, it is more than a model, it’s an inspiration.)