Exception to the travel rule

Excpetion to the travel rule: Whenever I can post a shamelessly-self-congratulatory item, I’ll go to extreme measures to find web access. So, here’s a link to a very nice comment about this weblog on a great weblog I visit daily, paidcontent.org


 The Dejazines: Rex Hammock has to be the most bitingly funny guy in the magazine biz…his blog is a great read.
He’s coined a new term: Dejazine: it is a defunct print magazine that is resurrected as a website and vaporzine. Here are some examples of Dejazines: The Standard and The Red Herring and Creem Magazine.
And as you know, I cover these deja zines pretty closely….

I guess I can retire, now. I’ve been termed “bitingly funny.” What higher accomplishment can there be?