Nashville magazine update

Nashville magazine update: Saturday is usually a rexblog-free day, but how can I not grab the computer when over the morning coffee I see a “hat trick” package of articles in our local Gannett outpost, the Tennessean. A hat trick for three reasons (excuse the redundant redundancy): 1. It’s about magazines, 2. It’s about Nashville, and most importantly, 3. It’s got some great Samir Husni quotes.

First, here are links to the stories:

1. Three Nashville magazine start-ups are products of passion.

2. Urban Ground seeks to uncover overlooked musical genres

3. Nashville natives start Urban Living mag to debunk myths

4. BIGG want to uplift obsese, offer them hope

Now, here is a classic Samir quote (found in overview story):

”Passion is like climbing up the Empire State Building and jumping, hoping that you won’t die,” said Samir Husni, who holds the trademarked name ”Mr. Magazine” for his expertise in the field.

”A lot of people who start magazines just have a passion, they jump.”

But passion without execution is a disaster, he says. And that crucial lifesaving parachute, a business and marketing plan, are what many start-up magazines don’t have.

It’s why 60% of all start-ups don’t reach their one-year anniversaries, either due to a lack of business knowledge or bona fide resources.

”Starting is easier,” Husni said, ”staying in business is the hard part.”

All I can add to that is this: Professor Hunsni, You are the Empire State Building of quotable quotes about magazines. I salute you.

As for the Nashville start-ups, I have a practice here at the rexblog of giving local folks a free-pass from any of my typical snide comments. For example, I won’t ask why two magazines in a city the size of Nashville have “urban” in their names? I think they’re all wonderful and I will do whatever I can to help them out short of driving somewhere to pick up a copy.