McMVP update

McMVPMcMVP update: The Titan’s PR folks are brilliantly supporting Steve McNair’s campaign for NFL Most Valuable Player (a campaign endorsed with zeal by this weblog), the NYT apparently was given full access to Steve on the farm during the bye week. The result: a major profile in this morning’s Times (registration required) so that New Yorkers spending the morning reading the paper can get a sense how great this guy really is.

As for me, I get to spend a few hours later today (after attending early church services) with my 13-year-old son, sitting right behind Lucille (who is quoted extensively in the article) watching her son be great, live and in person. I can’t believe I’m this lucky. (rexblog flashback: 1.10.03 regarding a previous NYT McNair profile.)

Later – Post-game: Wow. The most dominating performance of the Titans I’ve ever seen, in every aspect of the game. Also, I never thought I’d be cheering a Jacksonville victory (and may never again), but “how ’bout them Jags? And (I promise this is all), here are some impressive statistics after today’s game: Tennessee improved its record to 17-3 in its last 20 regular season games and 9-0 in the last nine home games. The Titans are now 28-8 (at home) since the start of the 1999 season, the NFL’s best record over that span.