Mr. Quotanator

Mr. Quotanator: While magazine launches are the cornerstone of his name brand, Mr. Magazine is able to provide great quotes elsewhere, as in this AP story appearing lots of places:

Purveyors of adult fare must expand beyond traditional publishing methods to survive, said Samir Husni, head of the magazine program at the University of Mississippi’s journalism school.

“The magazine may remain the cornerstone for the name brand, but in the future, the real money will be made elsewhere,” Husni said. Hundreds of new adult Web sites launch every month, he said, compared to 30 new sex magazines all of last year.

“That’s one magazine category that really can’t compete with the Internet and television,” Husni said. “Sex has become so much a mainstream entity.”

I’ll have to take Professor Husni’s word on this. He’s the expert at vices.