Arthur rules

Arthur rules: The folks at Utne Reader have named the top nominees from which they will choose what they believe to be the best new independent magazine of 2003.

Personally, I am pulling for Arthur Magazine. That’s because I want to give its publisher the satisfaction of accepting the award and being able to say, “You know, there was this asshole named Rex Hammock who said watching the launch of Arthur Magazine is like watching a high-speed car head into a brick wall and then later said, and I quote”:

“Watching the launch of Arthur Magazine is not like watching a high-speed car racing hopelessly toward a brickwall. It’s like watching a high-speed car glide beautifully through the guard rails of a mountain highway, sailing majestically in super slow-motion through the clear-blue sky and perhaps (it could happen) making it to a landing ramp that by coincidence is set-up on the other side of the canyon. “

I don’t know how Utne Reader selects who wins this award, but if you happen to be a judge or voter, please, in your heart, you know who deserves it.

Also, thanks to Arthur publisher Jay Babcock for personally letting me know about who the finalists are.