Okay, let’s go over this one more time

Okay, let’s go over this one more time: The NY Time’s David Carr profiles the launch of Tracks Magazine. Warning to Tracks: Don’t confuse a David Carr profile with success.

If this blog entry sounds familiar, it’s because, except for substituting the word “Tracks” for “Radar,” I posted the same message on April 14th of this year. However, as he later admitted, the editor of Radar Magazine DID INDEED confuse the David Carr profile with success. When the magazine folded a few months later, he sounded baffled that the magazine could fail when, “We were the first independent magazine launch that The New York Times wrote about in its history…”

So, especially beware Tracks, as every independent magazine launch that the NYT has written about in its history has failed.

Also, of special note, David Carr cites Samir Husni’s statistics about magazine failure rates in Monday’s article.

Also, as a public service to those who may be interested (although there’s nothing there): If you look for the new Tracks Magazine online, don’t go the following URLs: tracks.com, tracksmag.com, or tracksmagazine.com. You’ll find it at www.tracks-magazine.com.