Cooking books?

Cooking books? While I’ve avoided the Rosie trial in much the same way I avoided her magazine and TV show, today’s revelations regarding the falsification of ABC numbers hits the rexblog radar screen.

flameQuote (from the AP story):

The chief financial officer of Gruner + Jahr USA, publisher of Rosie O’Donnell’s magazine, admitted Monday that his company reported false circulation figures to hide the magazine’s losses. Lawrence Diamond, the CFO, said executives at G+J decided to “manage the financials” of the magazine, “Rosie,” so they could keep publishing. If the magazine lost more than $4.2 million in a fiscal year, O’Donnell would have been permitted to end her arrangement with G+J.

“We did not want to shut down,” Diamond testified under questioning by Matthew Fishbein, an O’Donnell lawyer. The executive was testifying in Manhattan’s State Supreme Court where O’Donnell and G+J are suing each other for breach of contract. O’Donnell’s lawyers said the G+J executives were falsifying the circulation numbers during the height of the fight between the entertainer and the company for control of the magazine.

I now officially take back any prediction of a certain victory for G+J. All I’m certain of now is that everyone associated with this case will be found guilty of first degree hubris.