Cooking with G+J

flameCooking with G+J: The allegations that G+J cooked the circulation figures of Rosie Magazine are being denied by the company. However, I’m confused. I thought it was their own CFO who described under oath a practice that sounds like supplying bogus numbers to ABC. As I said yesterday, this tid-bit from the trial, if it turns out to be what it sounds like it is, will have major ramifications for the consumer magazine industry and the audit bureau folks.

Personally, however, I find it hard to believe that J+G would have the audacity and sheer effrontery to supply inflated circulation numbers to an audit bureau. I know the types of hoops we’re made to jump through with each audit would easily expose questionable circulation numbers. The audit folks even make you supply printer’s and distributor’s inventory records and proof of shipping and postal reports. It’s not as simple as “telling” them how many magazines were distributed. I’m sure we’ll be learning a lot more about magazine auditing practices during the trial’s next session. (photo illustration: harvey king for rexblog) (via”)