Nashville Post magazine to go statewide

Nashville Post magazine to go statewide: Matt Pulle reports in the Nashville Scene’s “Desperately Seeking the News” that the magazine Nashville Post will be debuting a Tennessee statewide business magazine early next year (scroll to bottom). Therefore, the last issue of “Nashville” Post will be next month’s. As I had not heard this magazine news (nor read it on, the site I always learn stuff like this), I e-mailed one of this weblog’s four readers, David Fox, the company’s founder, to see what’s up. Here’s the word straight from the man:

We have been working quietly for 5-6 months to prepare the statewide launch. We ran a teaser ad in the November issue of the magazine and we’ll run another ad in December that announces the new magazine’s name….Having closely studied late last year and early 2003 most other area business magazines, it
became obvious very quickly that most of the city-only mags were struggling, while the statewide ones were doing okay to pretty well.

Okay. We’re even. The rexblog has now posted news about before that news showed up there.

Collateral damage

But what about collateral damages? The Rosie judge drops what AdAge is calling a “bombshell.” Neither side will collect damages, the judge ruled from the bench. The only thing up for grabs is attorney fees and “bragging rights.”

This is sort of what I suggested last week when I said:

She’ll say they stole her life and name. They’ll say she is psychotic. Everyone will be correct. In the end, she will lose this trial and any appeals. The magazine still will be dead and G-J will have lost millions on the magazine and its aftermath. The end.

While there may be no direct damages awarded to Rosie or G+J via the lawsuit, the trial will definitely result in a whole lot of collateral damage to G+J and, perhaps, the entire magazine auditing field.