Old enough to know better

Old enough to know better: If you’re keeping score, it’s Judd – .175, McNair – .18. Bottomline: stay off Nashville streets late at night. Also, I haven’t noticed it before, but when she’s drunk, Wynonna sneers just like Rosie. P.S., the phrase, “Old enough to know better,” is the title of a cut off her Revelations album. (I’m a huge Wynonna fan and her songs, all purchased and legal, take up lots of space on my iPod. I wish she’d just sing, however, and cut out all that Barbara Strestand orchestration.) Anyway, another cut off of the Revelations CD is a cover of “Free Bird” – weird, huh? While I’m at it, one of the drawbacks of the coolest invention of the year, the iTunes Store, is the lack of Wynonna albums. Glad I got all that off my chest. Now, I can drive to a Nashville bar and drink 12 beers on the way home.