Why you’ve never read Business 2.0

Why you’ve never read Business 2.0: CBS.MarketWatch.com’s Jon Friedman describes Business 2.0 as “the best magazine you’ve never read” and says that it, “personifies what Silicon Valley is all about: innovation.”

That may be true, but one area in which they seem to be less than innovative is their misunderstanding of the whole search-engine indexing thing. I suggest to Friedman (and to the magazine) that one reason no one reads it is this: A magazine that covers the emerging economy and puts their content behind a “cost-wall” displays a complete lack of understanding of what that new economy’s rules are.

I won’t waste your time with my opinions on this. Why should I when the master of this whole topic, Doc Searls, has already so eloquently described how Business 2.0 could continue to be the best magazine you’ve never read until they get a clue.

One thought on “Why you’ve never read Business 2.0

  1. OK but I still can’t get over how the OLD Business 2.0 was better. At this point it may just be nostalgia that makes me even think that. That may be stupid of me but it bothers me so I still only read an article or two out of each issue. Which I get for free for some reason.

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