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flame‘Catchup’ Post:

There were several items I noticed while away from the rexblog. Here are just some of them:

No holiday for Husni: Peter Carlson of the WP covered the demise of Vanguarde Publishing, including this quote from Samir Husni that tore people away from the Macy’s parade on Thanksgiving morning:

Yesterday, Clinkscales did not return calls seeking comment on the demise of his magazine empire. But Samir Husni — a journalism professor at the University of Mississippi and an expert on the magazine industry — attributed Vanguarde’s downfall to hubris by Clinkscales, a man Husni once called “the smartest magazine publisher I’ve ever met.”

“Keith grew too big too fast too soon,” Husni said yesterday. “Keith was focused on trying to build an empire instead of building the magazines. He should have started with one title and made that a success, but he wanted an instant empire.”

At least Samir did not call him a turkey.

Magazine entrepreneur quote of the week: According to an article on Dallas-based, Bill Lovelady writes, edits and delivers Youth Sports Today, a monthly magazine packed with photographs of 5- to 14-year-old athletes. About 10,000 people a month flip through the pages, which promote the concept that sports are good for kids.

At the bottom of the story is this insight:

Lovelady said that his job takes more time and pays less money than any job he’s had, but that he enjoys it more. “You are never going to get rich doing this, but it is incredibly satisfying,” he said. “It is worth doing.”

Couldn’t have said it better, myself.

Good news, Bad news #1: Last Thursday and Friday were good news, bad news for Media Magnate Lord Conrad Black, Hollinger International ceo who is doing his part to make Enron executives look like pikers. Who cares if the WSJ runs one of those front page profiles (subscription required) revealing how far down in the cookie jar your hand is jammed when a 1,300-page book you write gets a rave review in the NYT with money-quotes (for cover blurbs) like this:

(Black’s book,
FRANKLIN DELANO ROOSEVELT Champion of Freedom is) one of the best one-volume biographies of Roosevelt yet…it tells the remarkable story of Roosevelt’s life with an engaging eloquence and with largely personal and mostly interesting opinions about the people and events he is describing.

And the even better news is that a few years in prison will give him a lot more free time for his writing.

Good news, Bad news #2: Wal-mart had its biggest revenue day in history on Friday, $1.52 billion. And that doesn’t even count the DVD player they could have sold to Patricia Van Lester, who was trying to purchase it as a gift for her mother but got knocked unconscious and trampled on by other shoppers. According to a report by a TV station in Orange City, Fla., “When paramedics arrived at the scene, they found the woman lying on top of the DVD player among shoppers who seemed to not even notice the unconscious woman on the floor, according to a witness.” Also, their sales perhaps could have been a little higher if only that “big fight and ensuing mayhem” hadn’t broken out among shoppers at a Wal-mart in Maryland who wanted in on that $29 DVD player action, also.(via Drudge Report) (Side note: Dave Barry sent me a “shout out” for these two Wal-mart items.)