Have your heard? Lots of start-ups this year

Have your heard? Lots of start-ups this year: Perhaps to distance himself from the belief that he doesn’t “do” articles about independent magazine start-ups, David Carr does his take on the whole 2003 magazine start-up story. Of course, he quotes the authority on that topic (for the second time in less than a month).


Bradford Fayfield, a former Olympic skier and the founder and owner of Freeskier magazine, cobbled together a few issues for each of the last five years. But the magazine, which is aimed at younger skiers who are more than happy to drop into a half-pipe, seems to be finding an audience from its berth in Boulder, Colo., and has doubled its number of advertising pages over the last year. It has a growing national circulation, now at 75,000, and publishes five issues a year, all during the ski season.

“Me and the guys around here knew the athletes, knew the technology, knew the manufacturers and knew the resorts,” Mr. Fayfield said. “What we needed to learn was publishing. We were extraordinarily naïve, but I think we’ve learned how to get a quality product in front of our audience.”

If I get a chance, I’ll link back to several earlier versions of this whole, “there sure seems to be lots of start ups” story that now has been blessed by the NY Times as a full-fledged trend. (For example, here’s the Nashville version.) If you’re wondering, I’m already declaring Samir Husni the rexblog Man of the Year.