A Texas nouveau niche agazine

A Texas nouveau niche magazine: Adweek.com is reporting the launch of Brilliant Magazine, a new entry in the “super affluent” magazine category the rexblog dubbed recently, “the nouveau niche.” I didn’t realize we’d be trendspotting so quickly.


DALLAS Brilliance Media is launching a magazine Tuesday devoted to “the finer side of Texas life,” according to the publishers.

The Austin, Texas-based independent company is targeting its luxury title, called >Brilliant, at the affluent Texan who will be interested in sections that focus on topics like tycoons, fashion, beauty, cuisine, arts and celebrities. The publication will skew to women with a median age of 35.

The website of inversely-capitalized bRILLIANT magazine says it is “gorgeous, sexy and extravagant,” all of which its website is inversely nOT.