Controversy Quarterly

bannedControversy Quarterly: For as long as there has been a rexblog, there have been posts (and here and few more here) about boycotts threatened against Abercrombie & Fitch each time it publishes another issue of its customer magazine (magalog?), A&F Quarterly. While I do not necessarily condone the magazine’s content (they keep selling out before I can purchase one to “review”), I contend it is the benchmark for how to use a custom magazine to define and build a brand. They are even able to generate priceless publicity from the “anti-hip” establishment that must go a long way to let their suburban mall-rat audience know that something must be cool about shopping there.

Well, it appears their opponents have finally won a round with them as the NY Post reports the current issue has been pulled from circulation. However, to understand the real value of such a boycott, merely compare the $4 cover price to the eBay market price on a “banned” copy.

I marvel at two things about this: Abercrombie’s duplcitious and taunting (yet brilliantly executed) approach to marketing and their opponent’s unwitting and recurring participation in the scheme.

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