Queer eye for the business guy

Queer eye for the business guy: From the vaporzine department, Rueters is running a feature on the announced launch of Echelon, a magazine for “gay professionals climbing the ladder in corporate America.”


“We want to be recognized for something other than our political advocacy, our partying and our entertainment,” Echelon publisher Michael Lamb told Reuters. “We do work every day, we do own businesses and we do pay taxes.”

(I don’t know about you, but I think the design of the “preview issue” of the magazine – cover shown at left – could use a makeover. I suggest they call in the Fab Five before going to press.)

3 thoughts on “Queer eye for the business guy

  1. There’s been criticism about the Fab Five show promoting stereotypes of gayness – an overconcern and focus on design, aesthetics, etc. The cover of this preview issue would seem to dispel those stereotypes somewhat.

  2. Bill, I’ve seen trucker magazines better designed than this cover displays. (And what a coincidence, Bill. You were editor of them.) This magazine will go a long way to dispel any notions that good design comes naturally with the category.

  3. And I’ve seen some magazines for small business owners that are also far better designed andto which this mag could aspire. In fact, Rex you publish one.

    IMHO, good design depends in large measure on the material and the audience. I get two DIY mags – This Old House and Family Handyman – which have somewhat different approaches to design although some similarity in content. I think both are well-designed: They’re not “hot” designs, nor coffeetable quality, and they shouldn’t be. (And, they get read, and clipped and filed for future projects, or carried bodily into the shop, while Martha’s Living lies usually unopened on the kitchen counter, prettily adorning it.)

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