What took them so long

What took them so long: I rarely link to non-U.S. magazine news as I can barely keep up with what’s going on here. I make an exception to that practice now with this link to news about the launch of a magazine in the U.K. for South Asian women and would like to highlight the following quote about how quickly the first issue was produced:

According to Shihab Salim, the 290-page full colour glossy mag was created (start to finish) in three weeks but is, “the most accomplished publication I have ever been a part of. It has around 30 features and the contents page alone is 3 pages long… I defy anyone to read the magazine back to back in less than two hours!”

“Back to back,” must be a U.K. term meaning front-to-back, or perhaps he is saying it would take two hours to read back-to-back issues.