Get Real

Get Real: Breaking vaporzine news, this afternoon. “REAL Magazine, The Girlfriend’s Guide to living with Passion, Grace and Style – with an intimate look at the practical issues real women face every day,” has issued a press release saying it will debut in April of 2004.


“REAL Magazine will fill an important niche in the lives of busy readers who have many publication options but limited time to pursue them: by combining current popular genres (lifestyle, health, personal growth, beauty and entertainment) to give readers the more complete value of several publications in one,” says REAL editor-in-chief Mary Monroe.

According to the press release, the magazine will launch in April of 2004. (However, according to the website (flash warning), the magazine will launch during the summer of 2004 (screen grab). Since it is being published in Park City, Utah, I assume that the flexibility in the launch date has something to do with how good the skiing is between now and then.)

(Note to would-be magazine entrepreneurs: Combining genres is rarely the path to a second issue. Don’t look for the five most over-saturated magazine categories dominated by the world’s richest media conglomerates and convince yourself there is room in the marketplace for a magazine that dabbles in each category yet dominates none. I don’t want to single out those who issued this press release (floating a vaporzine concept is something I applaud), but how many women’s magazine start-ups have to fail before it becomes apparent that the grass is greener (wait, the ski slopes are whiter) in some other category?)